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European Shiatsu Federation
Shiatsusociety of Ireland
Irish School of Shiatsu
Seamus Connolly
Shiatsu for babys
Shambala Shiatsu Schule

Shamanic Pages in the Internet:

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe-Austria

Shamanic Circles: Home
Deer Tribe Metis Medicine Society
OHWD - One Heart Warriors Dancing
OHWD: Home
Dreamers Lodge
Shamanism Animal Spirit Guides Core
Welcome to Healing
Celtic Whispers; a world of Celtic myth, magic and lore.
Stone Pages - A guide to European megaliths
Healing the Sacred Hoop
FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies
Bluewin Linkliste
Talking Circle - Forum zu schamanischen Themen
Stadtschamanismus Navigation
The Hopi Way - Cloud Dancing
Path Of The Feather
Transmutation News January 2003
Medicine for the Earth Teachers and Workshops