make your own soy milk, rice milk, almond milk...

The Expert

for making fresh, tasty and healthy milk from
soya, rice, almonds, nuts, grains
for tofu, soy yoghurt, baby food, soups, muesli

The Expert

Fully automatic . Multifunctional . Tasty, healthy drinks

VEGAN STAR DR280- The star among the vegan milk makers

New technology, attractive design

integrated heating element – no coils

2 stainless steel filters

2 fully automatic programmes


Very quick and easy cleaning

Very safe

2 years guarantee / CE

Did you know that

. One in seven western Europeans suffers from lactose intolerance?

. Especially babies and toddlers often show allergic reactions to cow's milk?

. Cow's milk frequently plays a central part in allergies?

Now you can make your own vegan milk

The advantages are obvious:

. there is always fresh milk in the fridge – made quickly anytime

. you decide the quality of ingredients and water you use

. highly nutritious, full of vitamins, minerals and vital substances

. not homogenized, no preservatives

. no chemical additives – 100 % natural

. milk can be sweetened to taste

no waste - the solids remaining in the filter can be used for soups, spreads, etc

you help the environment by cutting down on packaging

you save a lot of money – 1 liter of soya milk will cost you around Eur 0.30

It's good to know what you are drinking!




That’s how easy it is!

  1. Open kettle and remove top part

  2. Take off filter

  3. Put ingredients into filter

  4. Replace filter

  5. Fill kettle with cold water

  6. Replace top part

  7. Plug in - start program

With the automatic programmes (e.g. for making soy milk) everything is done automatically: the water is heated, ingredients are chopped, filtered and the milk boiled. After approx. 17 minutes a peep signals that your milk is ready.

The personal programme is started by pressing the MILL button. It only takes a few minutes to run your personal programme.

Technical data:

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