Make your own vegan milk



VR 1 professional

the first milk maker also without filters

You are always one step ahead with Vegan Star

Using the latest technology

First milk maker without filter

Now with greater capacity

For ten years now vegan milk makers under the name of VEGAN STAR are sold throughout Europe.
Among the first to work with these machines, we consider ourselves pioneers in the field. And this know-how is paying off today!

The vegan milk maker market has seen an incredibly rapid development.

The advantages of home made vegan milk are obvious:
Healthy eating is easy with VEGAN STAR! With a milk maker you can put healthy goodies on the table quickly.
Delicious drinks, soups and healthy, easily digestible food for babies and toddlers and for the elderly!

When making vegan milk the solids remain in the filter or milk maker. This very nutritious substance can be used for spreads, soups, sauces, dips, burgers, creams and puddings and lots of delicious, tasty deserts.
Our operating instructions contain many useful hints and great recipes

Home made is cheaper!
1 litre of home made soy milk only costs around 0.30 Euro
That's about 10 % of what you pay in the shops!
All you need is 100 g of soy beans, water and a little electricity!
Depending on your daily consumption, the investment will pay off within a few months!

Even its optical features - clear-cut shapes and smooth surfaces - make the new milker a delight to work with.

But the biggest advantage is that you can use it WITHOUT a filter.

This appliance is developed with thought of:
It's obvious: The more soy beans you use, the creamier and tastier the milk.
Added security:
2-year warranty
CE The machine meets all European security requirements

That's how easy it is!
  1. Open and remove top part

  2. Put one measuring cup of ingredients directly into the water pot

  3. Add cold water

  4. Replace top part

  5. Plug in - start program

Now everything is done automatically - when making soy milk and paste, the water is heated, ingredients are chopped and the milk boiled when it is finished.
Did you know that:
Sole Importer to Ireland

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